How to factory reset ipod touch without password or computer

I forgot my Apple ID password and the device keeps notifying me to enter it, or I cannot use it. Maybe you have an unused iPad Air that you wish to give away but happen to forget the password or Apple ID, or you bought a second-hand iPad mini online but the former owner's account has not yet been logged out of the device, and you have to wipe the iPad to factory settings in order to use it under your own account.

Yet without the right iCloud password, you seem to be able to do nothing. But actually, you can utilize some ways to help you reset iPad to factory without iCloud password. Step 2: Launch iTunes in the computer, and iTunes will sync your iPad and make a back up.

How to Unlock iPod Touch without Password Easily

After the process is finished, select Restore. If you have a second-handed iPad from other people to be wiped to factory settings, but do not know the iCloud account, you can still do so by utilizing the Find My iPhone function so long as you can reach the former owner. This method allows you to have your iPad reset to factory settings remotely without you accessing the iCloud password.

Follow the steps below to erase iPad data without iCloud password. Step 3: Choose Erase iPad and confirm. Then your device will be reset to factory settings successfully. Connect your iPad to the computer. Select "Factory Reset iPhone iPad also " from the top menu.

Step 2 Click "Fix Now" to proceed. Factory reset iPad will erase all data in your device. Step 3 Click "Download" to download the firmware package that matches your iPad. This process will take a few minutes. Step 4 After the download, click "Start Repair" to factory reset your iPad. If you have other problems on your iPad, such as iPad won't turn oniPad keeps rebootingiPad is dead and so forth, please contact us at any time.

We'll try our best to help you out. Way 2: Factory Reset iPad without iCloud Password Using Find My iPhone If you have a second-handed iPad from other people to be wiped to factory settings, but do not know the iCloud account, you can still do so by utilizing the Find My iPhone function so long as you can reach the former owner.

Step 2: In the map page, choose All Devices, and choose the specific iPad you wish to erase. Any iOS System Repair. Free Download Free Download.Have you lost your iPhone and want to delete data permanently from it? Well, in this particular blog post you are going to learn different solutions that will help you to erase data from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch without passcode.

Passcode is a complete protection to every data which is stored on your iPhone. You can take it as a security that completely protects all your data. But the actual problem occurs when you forget the passcode of your device. But there are ways by which you can erase iPhone without passcode. It completely depends on which process you select.

But, before that let us know what situations or emergency make us to wipe data from iOS devices. Well, reasons can be various for various iPhone users. Many times it becomes important to delete all data from device or because of slow performance of device. All in whole, the main purpose of deleting data is due to confidentiality and privacy of data.

However some other purposes include:. So now the main part to know is how to delete iPhone without passcode. For that you have to pick the best way to wipe out every data.

how to factory reset ipod touch without password or computer

Read further to know how to erase iPhone without passcode. Here you will get to know different effective ways to delete your data from your locked iPhone. You have to select any one and can erase your device to remove the passcode.

Note: If you have ever synced your iPhone with iTunes in the past, only then this solution will work. Since, you have synced using iTunes, you will not be asked for the passocde again. So, here how to reset iPhone without a passcode via iTunes:.

This solution has worked in many cases. But, if you have not synced your iPhone with iTunes, then you can follow below-mentioned solution. Note: This solution will only work, if you have backup your iPhone to iCloud backup in the past.

This help Apple to identify your phone as well as you the correct user. So, here how to reset iPhone without passcode via iCloud:. Well, if you have never synced with iTunes or iCloud, then you can use recovery mode to restore your iOS device.

This will erase the passocode as well data stored within the device. Here how to erase iPhone data without passcode via recovery mode:. Though iPhone reset can help you to erase iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch without passcode, it also has some drawbacks.

So, how to tackle such situation? Well, check out solution 4 mentioned below, that will help you to erase data permanently from iPhone without passcode that is not recoverable by any data recovery software.

Well, there are lots of ways to wipe iPhone data permanently without passcode as mentioned above. The wiped or erased data are not recoverable by any means, not even by any data recovery solutions. Anyone can use this software as it provides users with simple clicks to wipe out everything from device.How to unlock my iPod Touch without password?

Its battery is exhausted and I charge it. But it now asks me to enter a password I have never set. How to unlock iPod Touch without password is not a big deal at all.

Don't worry if you are asked to enter an iPod touch password that has never been set up or forgotten, you can find the ideal solution. Here I will show you the detailed steps to easily unlock your iPod or iPod touch.

4 Ways to Factory Reset iPod Touch without Passcode

After reading this article, I believe you can unlock it easily. When you are asked to enter a password that has never been set, it may be a bug, or your family or friend has set such a password without letting you know. After entering the wrong password multiple times, your iPod may prompt disabled, then you have to fix iPod is disabled connect to iTunes. If the usual way to restore iPod from iTunes backup does not work, this is the most suitable method for you.

Please know that it would erase everything. Here are the steps for how to unlock iPod touch without a password:. Keep holding Volume Down 7th or Home 6th until the recovery-mode screen shows up.

How to Reset iPod Touch 5th Generation? Can iTunes Help?

Step 3. Your iPod should be recognized as in recovery mode by iTunes. You'll see a pop up asking you to update or restore device. Choose Restore. If you can't unlock iPod Touch by following above steps, continue read other methods about reset iPod without password. As for how to get into an iPod without the password, this is an amazingly simple way. You just need a computer that runs Windows OS.Posted by George Connor November 08, Whether you want to fix a frozen iPod touch, or wish to factory reset iPod shuffle for data wiping, the only road is to reset iPod.

With or without iTunes, without or without computer or password, you can easily find the solutions here. Soft reset, which works similarly to reboot your computer. Hard reset, in contrary to soft reset, is to factory reset iPod. Soft reset always happens when your iPod is frozen or not responding. Just try to soft reset to unfreeze an iPod.

Wait for a few seconds, your device will reboot. Wait until the Apple logo shows up. On iPod nano 5th generation and earlier: Switch Hold in the unlocked position and then hold both the "Menu" and "Center" buttons for at least 8 seconds. For iPod shuffle: Power off the iPod shuffle using the "Power" switch, wait for a few seconds and then turn on the iPod shuffle again.

On iPod classic: Put the "Hold" key in the unlocked position. Press both the "Menu" and "Center" for 8 seconds until Apple logo presents.

In the following ways, your iPod data will be wiped out. If you have some important photos, videos or music, you had better backup iPod firstly. When you want to give in iPod for sale or want it to run slowly as original, reset iPod to factory settings will be a good option.

Of course, users could hard reset iPod without iTunes as well. Similar to iPhone, Apple has integrated Reset feature into iPod.

And if your device is still working, this is the easiest way to reset it. To avoid restoring automatically after reset iPod, you should turn off all auto sync or auto backup features on your device.To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question.

how to factory reset ipod touch without password or computer

This is an ipod I have from my father who recently passed? I really need to start this thing over. Posted on Dec 12, AM. Page content loaded. Dec 12, AM in response to laa In response to laa Press and hold the home and power buttons until iTunes comes up with a message asking if you want to restore or update. Dec 12, AM. Question: Q: ipod touch 5th generation, hard factory reset without password More Less.

Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: laa laa More Less. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. User profile for user: Hamoud Hamoud If you have a computer you can connect your iPod to iTunes. Click the restore button. After your iPod has been restored, you should be able to create a new Apple Id.

Try to remember the pass code that your father put on the iPod touch. Hope this helps. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. User profile for user: laa Question: Q: ipod touch 5th generation, hard factory reset without password More Less. Ask a question Reset.Need to factory reset your iPad without passcode?

Read on and learn how to reset iPad without password as the guide has listed 4 stepwise solutions for it. Getting locked out of an iPad is probably one of the worst experiences for any iOS user. While it might seem like a tough situation, you can learn how to reset a locked iPad by following some smart solutions.

Usually, people get locked of their device when they forget its passcode. By entering the wrong passcode 10 times, you can get your iPad permanently disabled. Go ahead and explore 5 ways to factory reset iPad without passcode right here. Since iTunes can help us restore our device, this is the first solution that a lot of people think. To reset locked iPad, you can just connect it to a trusted computer and restore your device.

Wait for a while as your iPad will be restarted with default settings and no lock screen. This will restore your iPad and erase all the existing data and saved settings on it.

Since users often face technical issues with iTunes, they look for different ways to reset iPad without the password. To do this, you can take the assistance of dr. The device is updated to the latest firmware in the end. You can follow the on-screen instructions and factory reset your iPad without passcode on any computer even if it is not trusted before. To learn how to reset iPad without password using dr. Step 1. Launch dr. Step 2. Step 3. Using the correct key combinations put your iPad in the DFU mode.

Let go of the Power key while still holding the Home button. Step 4. Step 5. The application will start downloading the latest firmware update available for your iPad. Wait for a while as it might take a few minutes. Step 6. Once you get the above prompt, you can safely remove the device.Compatible with all iOS version, it has a desktop application for Mac and Windows. Please follow these steps and learn how to reset iPad without password:. Finally, your iPad will restart and then can be accessed without any preset password.

Please follow the instruction below step by step:. You can also update to the latest iOS version wirelessly without losing your newly acquired Apple ID. Step 3: Reset iPad without iTunes. Then you are all done. You can also back up your iPad before resetting it.

Sometimes, your iPad gets locked after entering the wrong passcode for more than 6 times, or you just somehow forget the passcode. How do I factory reset my iPad without passcode? You can still factory reset locked iPad with LockWiper mentioned above.

How to Factory Reset iPhone Without Password or Passcode

Besides iOS System Recovery, you can consider some other alternatives as well. The technique is available to reset your iPad without passcode remotely. Follow these steps and learn how to reset iPad without passcode:. However, using iTunes is one of the easiest ways to reset iPad without password.

Besides listening to your favorite tracks, iTunes can also be used to backup or restore your iPad. Before connecting to iTunes, you need to set your iPad to recovery mode. Follow these instructions and learn how to reset iPad without password:.

Keep pressing the Home button while connecting it to your PC or Mac until you get an iTunes logo on the screen. Not all iPad users are aware that if their iPads connect to the computers that they have trusted, they can reset the iPad without password. Follow these steps and learn how to reset iPad without password with a trusted computer:.

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how to factory reset ipod touch without password or computer

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